Apple iPhone 7 to be Equipped with Intel Modem, Force Touch Technology Makes its Debut, And More

Apple fanboys have already expressed their curiosity and interest regarding the release of iPhone 7. Rumors indicate that the device will be a worthy upgrade over the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Further speculations from The Motley Fool Blog suggest that Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6S will have a career-agnostic SIM card and equipped with 2GB of RAM.

The present-generation Apple smartphones have been compared to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S6. From the looks of it, the Galaxy S6 will be a more superior device. While the iPhone 6 series has 1GB of RAM, the Galaxy S6, and the S6 Edge are equipped with monstrous 3GB RAM modules. Reports also indicate that they have 2.1GHz and 1.5GHz quad-core processors respectively. The dual-core 1.4GHz processor on the Apple iPhone 6 is certainly no match for that.

Samsung greatly triumphs over the Apple smartphones when it comes to raw performance. With the use of multi-core processors, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is around 56% faster than that of the present-gen iPhones. Although in regards to single-core performance, Apple iPhones are 13% faster. However, that is not at all enough when hardcore gaming and web-browsing is concerned.

Venture Capital Post has suggested that Apple is trying to break apart from Samsung by including certain key features like a waterproof design in order to keep moisture away. In this field, however, Samsung came out with a waterproof design on the 2014 Galaxy S4, quite similar to the technology utilized in Sony’s Xperia line of devices.

The rumored Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6S will run on the latest IOS 9. Speculations suggest that people will be able to change the color and theme of the UI, resulting in a more user-friendly device. Further personalization will come in the form of a deeper connection with Siri. With the upcoming devices, you will be able to ask Siri to stop playing music in the middle of the night.

However, critics are unsure as to whether the upcoming Apple device will be named iPhone 6S or iPhone 7. The general Apple tradition dictates that an ‘S’ version will be released in spring followed by a total upgrade in September.