Apple iPhone 7 to be Equipped with Intel Modem, Force Touch Technology Makes its Debut, And More

Disregarding what the new iPhone will be named, rumors now suggest that it will include a new feature known as Force Touch Technology. A pink colored variant might be released in order to be more attractive to the Apple ‘fangirls’. According to Venture Capital Post, further features include Wi-Fi capabilities, NFC for Apple Pay and LTE Advanced support.

In the meantime, a new report indicates that Intel will be the main supplier for wireless modem chips in future Apple smartphones. The chips will be present in an Apple handset due to be released in the year of 2016. Critics claim that this revolutionary device will be the Apple iPhone 7. Intel has been struggling to be a part of the iPhone since last year, and sources indicate that Intel’s new 7360 LTE modem is the answer.

A surprising report indicates that the Intel-chip equipped smartphones will be sold in developing markets of Asia and Latin America. It will support Cat 9/10 LTE carrier integration along with 450Mbps download speed. Thankfully, the chip has impressed phone makers with its speed, power-efficiency, and build-quality.

Stay tuned for more information on Apple iPhone 7!