Titanfall 2 Confirmed By CEO Zampella, Gamers Expect a Single-Player Campaign, And More

CEO and founder of Respawn, Vince Zampella recently confirmed that Titanfall 2 is in the works and that gamers should expect a multiple-platform release. Before the BAFTA Game Awards, Zampella spoke to IGN regarding the existence of this game for the first time ever. His title has already been nominated in three different categories.

According to him Electronic Arts announced a sequel so that he could play a little coy about it and pretend like he has no clue. However, he immediately confirmed that Titanfall 2 is currently under development. He declared this to be the primary focus of developers. Nevertheless, a second team has been set up in order to deal with other small stuffs. He describes it as, ‘’Small, exploratory, taking it slow! It’ll be multiplatform’’.

Critics don’t doubt the decision to increase the game’s horizons by making it available on various platforms. The developers were asked whether they wish to change any of the features in the original product. TO this, Dusty Welch, Respawn COO replied that multiple platform support came to his mind right away. Zampella confessed that they really needed it and without this, the game wasn’t possible. Dusty further clarified the details stating that Titanfall’s exclusive nature was mainly a business decision. There were no further motives behind its exclusivity.

Dusty further added that, ‘’it would have been prohibitive to do that- we definitely made the right choices for the right reasons-‘’.  Questions were raised regarding what they would have personally liked to have done. According to him, the opportunity to make Titanfall a multiplatform title would have been more significant to them. Both Dusty and Vince were inquired regarding what gamers should expect in Titanfall 2. Sadly, their lips were sealed in reply. They simply promised that the lore would be expanded. For now, it’s not clear whether gamers can expect a single player campaign.

Talking about the multiplayer-only approach, Zampella explained that he wouldn’t have done it differently. They had their mind set to do it and considered it to be one of their goals. The developers had in mind that it would prevent a group of people from playing this title. As creators of content, they wish to get into as many hands as possible. Even then, they placed some interesting single-player elements into it and attempted to mix it up.