Things to know about iOS 8.2 Jailbreak and Its Upcoming Release, And More

The iOS 8.2 update features support for the Apple Watch. It is slated to be launched on 24th April. Hence, it’s not too difficult to determine that the only thing brand new with this update is the Apple Watch support. As a result, unless you plan to get one for yourself, updating right now would be useless. However, if you have plans to get your hands on one, by all means, update your device.

In the meantime, you can’t be sure if your jailbreak tweaks will be iOS 8.2 compatible. It ultimately depends upon the developer who made the tweak. Few developers are great at updating their tweaks in order to support the latest iOS release. However, many others take a longer time to get around it. Even if certain tweaks are immune to new updates, it’s hard to say whether it’ll be compatible with the big 8.2 update.

Stay tuned for more info on iOS 8.2 jailbreak!