The X-Files: Mulder Trips to Communicate, Scully and Mulder Have Moved Beyond Chemistry, More Details

When Mulder comes back in his sense, he realizes that Assistant Director Skinner is present and he isn’t very happy with the way he had behaved while on his trip.

Mulder feels like the whole plan was a huge failure, but when he is leaving the hospital he notices the same woman who was cradling the terrorist and it is none other than his mother.

The FBI can make contact with the injured terrorist using his mother. They realize that he couldn’t ultimately push the button to detonate the bomb and it was his companion who did it.

The injured terrorist keeps on repeating about a place called Babel or Babylon. Initially, the FBI isn’t able to make any sense of the word, but then they realize that is a hotel where a sleeper cell meets and they go and bust it.

The series is only for six episodes and it is already the last episode and there are still so much to find out and so much to be answered.

However, fans are happy to see Scully and Mulder after 20 years. The two recently spoke on an interview and said that they have moved from chemistry to history after having worked together for so long.

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