The X-Files: Mulder Trips to Communicate, Scully and Mulder Have Moved Beyond Chemistry, More Details

The X-files is back and it has actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprising their roles of Mulder and Scully respectively. It has been a while since the two FBI agents had stopped their paranormal investigations in 2002.

The recent episode of The X-Files opens up in a manner interesting manner where the camera follows a young Muslim man as he goes about his daily activity in Texas.

He starts the date by saying the prayer and then is subjected to some racial attack by the locals on the road. He ultimately reaches a motel where he meets another Muslim man.

The two go out to a busy market nearby and go into a building. The suspense gets heightened when they do not come out for a very long time and suddenly there is an explosion and there are people all around who have been killed.

The immediate response of the viewers is that they are suicide bombers and that is exactly what it turns out to be.

However, since The X-Files delves with the supernatural and the paranormal, viewers are left wondering where the episode is heading to. Agents Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) and Miller (Robbie Amell) are brought in. They are the younger versions of Agent Scully and Mulder.

There is a genuine reason for naming Agent Einstein so, it is because she is a distant relative of Albert Einstein. Einstein and Miller and given the charge to investigate the bombing. The young Muslim man the viewers had been following turns out to be alive. His head has been caved open and he is under life support in the hospital.

The situation is a rather difficult one since it isn’t possible for the FBI to communicate with such a man, but Miller feels that there is a way to communicate with the suicide bomber even though he is in life support by using metaphysical theories and spiritualism.

Miller realizes that the only people who can help his team go deeper into investigating this incident are Scully and Mulder and he heads to meet them. Einstein is not keen on this at all and she rather head to Texas to start investigation than waste time on these things.

The meeting between the four is a complete disaster. However, the four decide to team up together. Scully heads to Texas with Miller where she tries to see if there are any brain waves that they can use to communicate with the suicide bomber.

Things aren’t going to be easy since there are official above them who don’t understand why they want to test enhanced interrogation techniques on the bomber while he is on life support.

Mulder ultimately decides to trip to another realm to communicate with the terrorist. He asks Einstein to hand over magic mushrooms to him, but she laughs at him. However, Einstein being a doctor, administers the magic mushrooms to Mulder. He takes them and trips.

The sequence that follows is a hilarious one. Mulder starts dancing right in the hospital and then goes out onto the busy street and enters a country bar where there are performances on. He dances to Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus.

Being a remake of the original series with the same star cast, Mulder sees Lone Gunmen and Assistant Director Skinner, from the original.

However, the happy trip soon gives way to another serious one. He sees himself on a boat where the injured terrorist is also present. He is being cradled up a woman and moves his lips to say something that Mulder cannot understand since it is in Arabic.