Apple Watch 2: Tech Specs Rumored, Apple Expected to Showcase the Device by Mid to End-2016, And More!

The Apple Watch 2 is expected to launch this year, although, the company is yet to officially reveal any information on the same. Experts believe that the company will be working on numerous upgrades over the first-generation of the Apple Watch,although, the details can only be speculated at the moment.

As far as the design is concerned, the Apple Watch 2 is somewhat similar to the first generation device. However, a report claims that the Cupertino giant will add a new range to the device this year.

Apple will launch the mid-ranged Apple Watch and the high-end Apple Watch Edition to cope up with the demands of the customers, who wanted something exquisite to flaunt.

The first generation Apple Watch released back in September 2014, and the fans have had enough time to think about what they wanted from the successor. However, despite the numerous rumors floating around, none tells us of the actual date of release.

However, rumors suggest that Apple is working to release the Watch 2 by end to mid-2016, although, we will be able to confirm the story only after Apple makes a formal announcement of the same.

Another piece of speculation suggests that Apple will launch the beta version of the Watch 2 by the end of January 2016, which will then be used for tests, based on which the production variant of the smartwatch will release.

In a clever marketing strategy, Apple is expected to launch the Watch 2, a year after their premium segment smartphones and tablets hit the market. This will enable the company to sell multiple units of the first-generation smartwatch, before sending the device out of production.

Earlier speculations suggested that Apple would be showcasing the device at an event in March, although, that seems unlikely at the moment, considering the latest developments. Apart from the standard Watch 2, Apple is also currently working on a range of new Sports bands for the device.

The fans and loyalists have a range of demands from the Watch 2, and we have put together a wish list comprising of the most important features.The most important of which is the front-facing video camera necessary for FaceTime and a wireless chipset that is expected to make the smartwatch stand on its own.

Apple is currently looking at various manufacturers apart from Quanta Computers and some of the targeted companies are Wistron,Foxconn Electronics and Inventec. Apple is believed to be working on software upgrades on the Watch 2, rather than hardware upgrades as expected initially.

The company is working on a patent called ‘volume control for mobile device using a wireless device’, which was filed last year, and the experts believe that Apple is currently working on ways to incorporate the technology in the upcoming smartwatch.

This technology is expected to adjust the volume of the iPhone according to the sound level of the alert volume. According to the initial reports, this technology uses the built-in microphone of the Apple Watch 2 to grab a sample of the volume of the iPhone and adjust the alert volume of the device accordingly.

If the volume is too low, this technology will increase the level, and if the volume is too high, the technology will reduce the alert level. If Apple indeed adds a camera for FaceTime usage, people will now be able to take selfies on their smartwatch instead!

The camera could be placed on the top bezel of the Apple Watch 2, although, this is a mere speculation at the moment. Apple wants to start with FaceTime selfies, which is an indication of video calls from the next-generation of the Watch!