Apple Watch 2: Tech Specs Rumored, Apple Expected to Showcase the Device by Mid to End-2016, And More!

The first-generation Apple Watch relied heavily on the Apple devices for functioning. Apple is believed to have reduced the iPhone dependability of the Watch 2. However, we can only confirm the extent to which the change is effective, once we get to use the device first hand.

One of the biggest concerns about the Apple Watch 2 is the device’s battery life,which may think will be insufficient. Apple however is of the opinion that the new software changes will prolong the battery life of the device. Hence, they do not have any immediate plans of upgrading the battery.

Others claim that Apple does not want to prolong the battery life of their devices to more than 24 hours. Hence, you will have to charge your Apple Watch 2 daily upon moderate to heavy usage.

Another interesting feature about the Apple Watch 2 is its ability to withstand water and dust. The current-generation of the Apple Watch is rated IPX7 waterproof while the next generation of the device will extend the reliability of the smartwatch to a whole new level.

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