Modern Family Season 7: Spring Cleaning Chaos, Phil Refuses to be Unappreciated, Jay Plans a Kidnapping, And More!

Modern Family Season 7 has always used the normal, everyday life to point out how things can get completely out of hand and hilarious sometimes. This time round, it was time for some spring cleaning in Modern Family Season 7.

Claire (Julie Bowen) was all focused on gearing up for spring cleaning, but then she always knew that it wouldn’t be a very easy task in the Dunphy household.

Claire brings in Mrs. Clutterworth as she forces her husband Phil (Ty Burrell) and their three children to get to clean the house for spring. Claire even decides to dress up as a British maid with the costume and the accent, in a desperate attempt to get her family to help out in the elaborate process.

Spring cleaning always comes with the hard task of throwing various items of possession and this very aspect of the cleaning process creates problems in the Dunphy family in Modern Family Season 7. Phil and Luke (Nolan Gould) try to distract Claire so that they can take away some things that she intends to throw away, from her sight.

Things at the Dunphy residence will be a little bumpy since Claire is now the CEO of her father, Jay Pritchett’s (Ed O’Neill) closet company and since she is the major bread earner of the company, Phil will be taking control of the duties that she had previously carried out at home.

Claire has always been ignored as the stay at home and Phil is going to get a dose of it now. However, Phil has never been someone who is fine with not getting any attention and he will go all out to make sure that he isn’t ignored.

The two of them have fallen into a routine and Phil has no problem in managing the house while Claire runs the closest business, but he isn’t ready to be unappreciated.

Jay Pritchett has decided to retire from active work life and hands over the reign of the company to Claire. Jay is now leading a life of unlimited time and he decides to use the time to take up flying lessons. However, he has a major mishap when he ends up knocking out his flight instructor.

Things ultimately fall into place when he can guide the plane on his own and manages to make a proper landing on his own. Even though he is trying to focus on a new hobby to spend his time, he has a hard time coping with the fact that his wife, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) is getting the attention of all the men.

Sofia had also decided to focus on her hobby and not just while away her time. She has started selling her memorable hot sauce at the farmer’s recipe.

The recipe for the hot sauce has been a family heirloom in her home and she is an instant hit. She manages to get a spot in the local grocery store and they end up displaying a life-size cut out of Gloria to lure in customers.

This works life wonders for her hot sauce business because no one can turn their head away from the sexy cut-out, but it ends up making Jay very uncomfortable and he plans to use Gloria’s son Manny (Rico Rodriquez) to kidnap the cardboard cutout of Gloria.

Things aren’t going well for Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) either. They have been struggling with their finances ever since Mitch lost his job at the big law firm.