In The Next Boom Beach Event, Mega Crab and Dr. T Likely to Return!

Boom Beach, Supercell’s popular freemium mobile strategy game has periodic events which are meant to keep the excitement of gamers and fans on this particular game.

Meanwhile, one of the more successful events in the recent months is the Mega Crab event which features Dr. T. According to the latest reports, the two characters will be returning again in another Mega Crab event which is most likely to be held sometime in March.

Supercell, the Finnish game developer has recently released an event teaser which shows Dr. T definitely not planning his revenge somewhere in the archipelago. This took place after he was forced into melon-farming retirement when Mega Crab was defeated back in January, as reported by iDigital Times.

Supercell had not made any official announcement regarding this event. When Mega Crab came out online, it was faced with an overwhelmingly positive response.

Thankfully, the Finnish developer cannot simply let it pass. Before the Mega Crab event in January, the appearance of a black shadow on a map looked very much like the silhouette of a crab. This is something that was enough to hide the face of the Boss hidden in the crab and every gamer learned to be Dr. T.

Previously, Supercell invested in Boom Beach for the Mega Crab event and it unlikely that the developer will exclude Dr. T on it and simply focus on Mega Crab. According to the official records, over 8 billion troops were deployed during the struggle against the Mega Crab.

Three billion of these troops were Zooka troops, 1.8 billion where Riflemen and 1.3 million of them were Heavy Troops. During the event, 133 million Mega Crab cores were destroyed by 352 million total attacks that were conducted on the Mega Crab. 38% of the attacks conducted during the Boom Beach event were all successful in favor of the players.

China is the biggest video gaming market in Asia and Boom Beach is a pretty popular title out there.  Truly speaking, 8 out of 10 Boom Beach players placed on the global leaderboard actually came from China, while the remaining two came from Iran and South Korea. Presently, Boom Beach is in the second half of its Cycle of Evil events. These are mini-event loops which occur every six days.

In other news, Supercell has announced that its new collective card game (CCG) hybrid, Clash Royale will become available for global download sometime in March for both Android and Apple iOS. Clash Royale was announced by Supercell through social media worldwide, while a short video teaser was posted on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Meanwhile, in the comments section of a cross-IP Facebook plug post on the Clash of Clans Facebook page, Supercell announced the introduction of a new Dark-Elixir based troop which will be released through a Clash of Clans update this March. This is a new troop that will be unlockable at Town Hall 10.

According to previous reports, Clash Royale seems to be a combination of Tower Defense Gameplay with virtual turn-based CCGs like the extremely popular Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft along with lane focused PvP games like League of Legends. It is further topped off with a healthy inspiration of mana-dependent abilities as in WoW.

Currently, Clash Royale is only available for download in Hong Kong, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Iceland and Canada among others. The game was soft-launched by Supercell in these countries in order to clean out any possible bugs before it is possible to release it on bigger markets like China or United States. The excitement is pretty high at the moment.