In The Next Boom Beach Event, Mega Crab and Dr. T Likely to Return!

The Facebook Page for Clash Royale gathered more than 60k Likes along with a bustling forum on the community discussion boards of Supercell. Games from Supercell seem to be popular with Chinese Mobile Gamers as they are with European and North American Mobile gamers.

Meanwhile, the developers of Boom Beach decided to not only introduce a new villain to the game but they are also using Dr. T’s persona and image in various real-life events like him taking over an official Twitter Account in his name.

The game community has well received this event so far and a lot of players are enjoying the new mechanics and the extra challenge that comes with defeating Dr. T. Sadly, in terms of difficulty, the developers might have outdone them.

The new boss is very difficult to beat and it has caused frustration in a lot of players worldwide. Following the new update, the various discussions about the game indicate that even long-time fans who are well acquainted with the mechanics of the game, are still finding it quite difficult. Supercell was helpful enough to share some tips with players who were having a lot of trouble with Dr. T.

Stay tuned for more updates on Boom Beach!