NBA 2K16: New All-Stars Update Released, Microsoft Offering Hefty Discounts On the Game!

NBA 2K16 is a basketball simulation game that has been developed by the company Visual Concepts and it was published under the 2K Sports banner. The game was released for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android on September 29, 2015.

A NBA 2K16 All-Stars update has just been released for the game by 2K Sports. The update comes around the time for the 2016 NBA Al-Star Game. It brings forth a number of new aspects to the game which includes new jerseys and other items.

The game was recently up for grabs at a whopping 50 percent discount at Xbox Live. The discount was only accessible with the Gold promo. It means that users of Xbox 360 who held a Xbox Live Gold membership were eligible to receive the update.

NBA 2K16 was available to owners of Xbox 360 who held a Gold membership at a discounted price of $30. This offer was valid till February 15.

Xbox One owners are not left out as those in possession of a Gold membership can avail a 33 percent discount on the Standard Edition of the game. The Michael Jordan Edition which comes with an original price tag of &79.99 is currently being offered at a hefty 40 percent discount.

2K is also offering major discounts on various add-ons for NBA 2K16. The 200,000 Vc is now available at 20 percent discount and the 450,000 Vc is being offered at a discount of 30 percent.

Apart from this, 2K is also offering a 50 percent price reduction on the Platinum Bling Pack, the Blue Diamond Bling Pack, the Gold Bling Pack and the Spanish Commentary pack.

NBA 2K16 is also available at a discounted price at the North American PlayStation Store as a part of their weekly sale. The store is currently offering a discount on a number of games across all the platforms of PlayStation.

NBA 2K16 features among the various games that are being offered at a discounted price. The NBA 2K16 which comes with an original price tag of $59.99 is currently up for grabs at a price of $40.19.

The Michael Jordan Special Edition is available at a discounted rate of $49.59 as against its original price of $79.99. The NBA 2K16 200,000 Vc and 450,000 Vc which have original price tags of $49.99 and $99.99 respectively are currently available for $39.99 and $69.99.

Just in the recent past, 2K Sports made an announcement regarding a special tournament which has been titled- Road to the Finals. The total prize pool of this tournament stands at a whopping $250,000.

The tournament will be a major contributor to the growing eSports community. Fans from all over the world are expected to participate in the competition which began from February 15 in North America.

The tournament will feature a total of 16 Pro-Am in game events. These events will be playable on both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One platforms. Each of the platforms will have its own winning team. Each team will comprise of 5 players and they will have to control 5 separate players within the game that will be created by them.

A 5-member team will have to battle it out with another team comprising of the same number of players. The prize money of $250,000 will be distributed equally among all the members of the winning team.

It was reported that apart from regular fans, the tournament might see participants in the form of renowned NBA personalities like Rick Fox, Gordon Hayward etc. Apparently, playing video games is quite popular among professional athletes too. It allows them to spend their free time in a light way and also offers some kind of recreation to them.

In other news, it was recently announced that the Marvel apparel will hit the 2K Sports Store on Wednesday. The announcement came from Golden Gate Warriors’ Harrison Barnes through his Twitter handle.