NBA 2K16: New All-Stars Update Released, Microsoft Offering Hefty Discounts On the Game!

Along with the announcement, he posted a picture of himself from the game in a Captain America outfit from the Marvel universe. The new apparel will be available for fans in the MyPlayer mode of the game.

In a separate announcement, it was stated that the developers have currently made the alternate floor of The Golden Gate Warriors available for fans. This feature will be accessible whenever the in-game players are dressed up in the Hardwood Classic outfit.

In a rather bizarre situation, Take-Two Interactive, the maker of NBA 2K16 was recently sued by a tattoo company for using certain tattoos created by them in NBA 2K16 without their permission. The company in question is Solid Oak Sketches.

It stated in its lawsuit that Take-Two has unlawfully used around eight tattoos in the game. Two of the most prominent infringements, as stated in the lawsuit, were the tattoos on LeBron James’ forearm and Kobe Bryant’s arm.

Reportedly, Solid Oak Sketches had asked Take-Two to acquire the license of the tattoos for $1.1 million. However, Take-Two did not pay any heed to it and thus Solid Oak has gone on to file a lawsuit against the company.

If the case is won by Solid Oak, Take-Two might have to make a significant amount of payment to the tattoo company.

Stay tuned for more update on NBA 2K16.