Kingdom Hearts 3: Delayed Again, Might Not Release Before 2017, Featuring Among Top Ten in The Famitsu List!

Numerous rumors are doing rounds on the internet regarding the upcoming installment of Kingdom Hearts game- Kingdom Hearts 3. The latest rumors surrounding the game suggest that it might not see a release date in 2016. Apparently, Square Enix is currently hard at work in incorporating new worlds into the game.

Building and incorporating new worlds into the game takes quite the amount of time and effort and it is being assumed that this might be the main reason behind the possible delay of the game.

Tetsuya Nomura himself confirmed that the new worlds are the main focus of the developers at the current moment. The Kingdom Hearts series has already seen worlds like King Mickey’s Fantasia and Hercules. Fans will find numerous new worlds in the upcoming game when it is finally released. The new worlds will include the likes of Tangled, Big Hero 6 Twilight Town and Mysterious Tower.

It has also been confirmed that the game will feature a change of gameplay. It is being assumed that the type of combat featured in the game will have a reminiscence to the combat type of the mainline games instead of the various mobile spin-offs. Nomura also hinted towards the fact that the Attack and Magic commands will be accessible by players within the game.

A trailer for the game which was released at E3 revealed a much more agile Sora compared to the previous games. The character was seen jumping and running on walls. That being said, it should be noted that the developers have yet not come forward with any details pertaining to the amount of control that a player will have on Sora.

It was previously rumored that Kingdom Hearts 3 might bring an end to the story of Xenahort. This rumor was recently confirmed by series creator Nomura. However, he pointed out that a conclusion to the story of Xenahort does not mean that the franchise will come to an end too.

According to him the franchise has a lot of new roads in-front of it which it can explore in the future. He further added that ending the franchise at the current moment would mean not doing justice towards both fans and the franchise itself.

In an interview he revealed that he has not spoken to Disney yet regarding the matter and thus, at the moment, he is unaware whether the company wants to continue the franchise beyond Kingdom Hearts 3 or not. He also mentioned that it is only Disney who can continue to innovate the game to keep on drawing fans towards it.

As for the next generation of Kingdom Hearts games, they might feature unique storylines, as hinted by Nomura. He stated that it is unclear for him whether fans would want only Disney to work on the game or they may like to see both Disney and Nomura work together on it.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has been created by a joint venture between Disney and Square Enix. In the light of this particular fact, it is highly unlikely that either of the companies would work alone on a Kingdom Hearts game in future.

Nomura believes that the franchise will not come to an end if it continues to draw a large number of fans to it. The anticipation among fans regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 is at an all-time high at the moment and if the game manages to become popular among them, it is likely that the developers will continue the franchise beyond the game.

While a 2016 release of the game looks like a bleak prospect at the moment, it is being assumed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will hit the market sometime during the next year.