Kingdom Hearts 3: Delayed Again, Might Not Release Before 2017, Featuring Among Top Ten in The Famitsu List!

Fans are speculating that the developers might incorporate more amount of content in the game compared to its predecessors. It might also feature a much better storyline compared to the previous games. The game will be released for the current-gen consoles of PS4 and Xbox One.

Square Enix previously used the Luminous Engine to create Kingdom Hearts games. The company had started creating Kingdom Hearts 3 using the same engine but decided to switch to the Unreal Engine midway. This could be another possible reason behind the delay in release of the game.

The long wait for the game is turning out to be a bit frustrating for fans and it is in the best interest of the game if the developers come forward with some concrete news related to its release date.

In other news, Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently standing among the among top ten games on the Famitsu list. In the list of the most anticipated games, Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently occupying the seventh position.

Dragon Quest XI is leading the pack with a number one ranking followed by Persona 5 in the second and Final Fantasy XV in the third positions. Another Final Fantasy game that is featuring on the list is Final Fantasy VII remake which is sitting at the fourth position.

Stay tuned for more update on Kingdom Hearts 3.