Modern Family Season 7: Spring Cleaning Chaos, Phil Refuses to be Unappreciated, Jay Plans a Kidnapping, And More!

They had decided to rent out their property to earn some extra income, but things do not go as planned. They try to be as hospitable and accommodating as they can, but they feel that their tenants are up to something suspicious.

According to International Business Times, Alex (Ariel Winter), the middle child of Claire and Phil is going to have to make a very important decision in the upcoming episode. Alex hadn’t liked living in the college dorm and, therefore, she decides to commute to and fro from her home.

When Phil tries to understand why she had decided on something like this, Alex gets very defensive and asks if her parents think that she isn’t capable of making this decision on her own

However, Phil helps calm the situation and informs Alex that he has a gift for her that would make her stay in college and make it an enjoyable process.

There are reports suggesting that Tine Arning is expected to guest star in Modern Family Season 7. While there has been no confirmation about the role she is going to play, she has been confirmed to be a part of the Dunphy storyline.

Given the fact that Tina Arning is known to be a great actor, there are some exciting moments coming the way of the viewers.

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