Jane The Virgin: Jane Goes On a Date with Professor Chavez, Rogelio Proposes Xo, Trouble Between Petra and Rafael, More Details

Jane the Virgin has a lot of things going on; from the plot concerning Jane and her love life to the one with her baby and then her father working in a telenovela.

With such a myriad variety of plots working out simultaneously there is always a fear that things might fall apart. However, the writers behind Jane the Virgin get it right every single time.

Michael J. Cinquemani, the writer of Jane the Virgin has become a part of the Jane the Virgin with Chapter Thirty-Three and he is a perfect fit. The episode was rich in tension, where the softness of the emotion in the personal relationships shared by the characters came out effortlessly.

Chapter Thirty-Three of Jane the Virgin starts with the quintessential flashback mode that puts the story into perspective.

The Villanueva women are in the single washroom. Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Jane (Gina Rodriguez) talk about how they wouldn’t have had to share a washroom if Xo could get a real job. However, Xo decides that since she doesn’t have to fend for jane anymore, she will focus on her art.

Chapter Thirty-Three finds Jane talking to her mother about the decision to be a virgin until she gets married. Jane had been having weird dreams about Jonathan lately and she decides to turn to Xo for her advice.

Viewers will have to wait and watch to see what advice Xiomara had given Jane when it comes to Jonathan. Things do get a little weird between them when Jane, instead of kissing him, ends up kissing his sweater.

Things took an awkward turn for Jane. She had been long harboring a secret crush on her professor, Professor Jonathan Chavez (Adam Rodriguez). She hadn’t been clear whether Jonathan was equally interested in her, but then the two decide to go on a date.

Jane has forever been trying to understand if Jonathan has been giving her any signals and unable to focus on her work, she asks him for a change in her advisor since she is not going to be able to concentrate on her thesis if he continues to mentor her. The moment Jane gets a new mentor, Jonathan decides to ask Jane out for a date.

When it comes to Jane the Virgin, there are a lot of things happening at the same time and it isn’t any different in the coming episodes.

Jane might be deciding on whether to take the next step with Jonathan, but her ex-boyfriend and the father of his son, Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni) is still very much a part of his life because. The two aren’t just together because of Mateo, but Rafael somewhere deep down still feels for Jane.

This situation gets weirder because Rafael gets closer to his ex-wife, Petra (Yael Grobglas). Rafael even goes to the extent to ask Jane if she could arrange a baby shower for Petra.

The flashback sequences help the viewers get a glimpse of Petra and Rafael in their initial days and it isn’t surprising when the two rekindle things with a kiss.

However, things take a turn for the worse when Petra puts a stop to everything on fearing that Rafael has a thing for Jane.

It is not just Rafael who is still harboring feelings for Jane. Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) is still there and he still feels deeply for Jane. He might be telling that he has moved on with another girl, but the synopsis for the upcoming episodes reveal that he is still in love with Jane.