Jane The Virgin: Jane Goes On a Date with Professor Chavez, Rogelio Proposes Xo, Trouble Between Petra and Rafael, More Details

Rogelio (Jaime Camil) decides to propose to Xiomara, but that becomes completely messy since Mateo swallows the ring. However, things are soon sorted out and Rogelio manages to get the ring out from Mateo and goes ahead with his proposal.

Xiomara had just decided to focus on her career and she agrees to the proposal, but makes it very clear that she doesn’t want any more children.

Rogelio is perfect with his words and he genuinely tries to be the caregiver that Jane always thought he couldn’t be. The very fact that Jane said he might be able to be good with kids led him to talk about kids when he proposes Xo.

Jane realizes how harsh he was to her father, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t right. However, sadly for Rogelio Xo isn’t interested in having another kid since she has to focus on her career.

Those waiting to find out if Jane the Virgin decides to show Jane ending her pledge to remain a virgin until she is married, are going to be a tad disappointed. Movie News Guide has reported that Chapter Thirty Four will be aired a week later since the series isn’t going to be back with a new episode in the coming week.

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