The Walking Dead Season 7 Will Open From Where It Had Ended In Season 6, Get Ready For More Gore!

Robert Kirkman, the creator of the show said that the decision to not show who was killed was because, if they had shown it before ending The Walking Dead Season 6, it would be all that the fans would have focused on and they wouldn’t have seen the point behind Negan coming in.

Kirkman added that the finale of Season 6 was all about changing the mindset. He said that the while the conclusion is important, what is more important is to focus on the story that is going to come in after this, the story about who was it that Negan ended up killing and what’s going to happen thereafter. This is going to be the plot for The Walking Dead Season 7.

The Hollywood Life reported that the viewers who have read the graphic novel, The Walking Dead, are well aware that Negan kills Glenn with his wire-covered trusty baseball bat, Lucille. Maybe this is how the series is also progressing, or maybe not.

When Negan hits the victim with the baseball he can be heard saying that the person is taking the beatings like a champ. Robert Kirkman, has again added that whoever has been killed, is one of the beloved characters from the series.

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