Mike to Study Law in Prison, Harvey Will Be Crushed in Suits Season 6, Gina Torres to Leave the Show After Season 6!

Suits Season 6 ended with Mike Ross being taken away by the police. The upcoming season of Suits is going to pick up from where the previous season had left the story. The last season of Suits saw Harvey in a bad phase.

He was still reeling from the fact that Donna had left his service after coming out with her feelings for him and had then gone on to join the service of Louis Litt.

Harvey had gone into a terrible bout of depression and he had to go for counselling to get back on track. After extensive sessions with Dr. Agard, he had started to turn to his normal self that the viewers have always known, when he was hit hard with the fact that his friend was being imprisoned.

Season 6 of Suits is going to be aired in summer and this season, Mike Ross will be in focus. The season is going to explore his trials and tribulation and will focus heavily on his life in prison. Lawyer Herald reported that Gabriel Macht, who plays the role of Harvey Specter in Suits, wants his character to break down again after Mike’s arrest.

It will be up to Harvey to try and save Mike from a long life in prison. There is going to be a lot of legal proceedings in Suits Season 6. There are rumors that suggest that the season will give a glimpse of Mike’s nature. He will realize the life of lie that he has been living for so long. He had pretended to have a law degree from Harvard, when he didn’t have it.

The imprisonment will weigh down on him and he will tend to use the time in prison to study law. There are rumors that state that Mike will dole out his legal expertise to the inmates who have no idea about it and will help them out.

With Mike getting arrested, the law firm of Pearson Specter Litt will be badly affected since two of the partners, Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson had been aware of Mike’s secret. The firm will be left trying to fix things. The firm had fallen down like a house of cards and the sixth season will see the firm being built up again.

There are chances that something might happen in the coming season that will cause Jessica Pearson to leave the firm. The contract of Gina Torres, who plays the character, ends with Season 6 and there are chances that it is not going to be renewed. Gina Torres will be moving on from Suits to play the lead role in ABC’s The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez. Jessica, however, will be a regular face for the upcoming season.

According to Parent Herald, the viewers will have to imagine the characters of Harvey, Jessica, Donna, Rachel and Louis in a situation from the Breakfast Club. They will be seen discussing about the plans to help the firm get back to its original glory.

Harvey Specter and Louis Litt have never seen eye to eye. Things became worse between them when Donna ended up leaving Harvey’s service to join Louis’. Donna and Louis have been friends in spite of her being close to Harvey.

Harvey, however, couldn’t accept this and things became bad. If Pearson Specter Litt has to be brought back onto its feet, then these two will have to mend their issues and problems and work together.