Mike to Study Law in Prison, Harvey Will Be Crushed in Suits Season 6, Gina Torres to Leave the Show After Season 6!

There have been rumors hinting at a possible time jump in Suits Season 6. This information has been denied by showrunner Aaron Korsh who said that there isn’t going to be any time jump in Suits Season 6. The new season will pick up from where the Season 5 finale had ended. The series will start with Mike in prison while the others will be trying to face the consequences of it.

The other thing that the upcoming season will focus on is trying to throw light on who is responsible for sending Mike to prison. There have been very few people who had been aware of this secret of Mike’s and they had been deeply trustworthy.

However, there are some speculations about who it might be. While some feel that it is his ex-best-friend, who has now turned out to be his enemy, or his ex-girlfriend who has done this to stop his marriage with Rachel.

While some feel that culprit behind this are Rachel’s parents, who didn’t want their daughter to marry a fraud and in order to salvage their position in the society and prevent the marriage, had informed the police.

Aaron Korsh has teased the fans stating that the creative team had put in a lot of thought into this and the viewers will be shocked when they find it out.

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