Stars Perform To Celebrate Their Memorable Year In Dancing With The Stars, Jodie Sweetin Gives Her Best Performance!

The last episode of Dancing with the Stars saw the dancers celebrate some of the most memorable year of their life. The performances by the celebrities and their dance partners were brilliant to say the least and well, like it always happens in Dancing with the Stars, they were total tear jerkers. Entertainment Weekly listed out some of the performances and the special moments from each of them.

For Most Memorable Year, Ginger Zee and her partner Valentine Chmerkovskiy danced to celebrate her engagement to Ben Aaron and the birth of her baby. To make the occasion more special, Ginger’s husband Ben was there cheering her from the audience and he had brought along the baby.

Apart from Ginger and Val’s routine on Dancing with the Stars, the fans loved how Ben rushed to hug Val and even gifted a framed music-sheet of his wife’s favorite song, to her.

Bruno was all praise for the petite Ginger and said that it was fun to see her so in character for the routine. Ginger’s moves are always very breezy and lithe, but for the routine on her life, she was telling the audience a story with her moves and that was brilliant.

Doug Flutie and Karina Smirnoff danced to celebrate the year 2015 in his life, when he saw his father and mother pass away within minutes of each other. Len described them as two people dancing as one, but he wasn’t very forthcoming with the marks and gave them a six since he felt that the routine was unstable and they could have made it perfect.

Up next came Kim Fields and Sasha Farber and the audience of Dancing with the Stars was thankful for their infectious routine. The previous routine had left them in tears, but this one cheered them up.

The whole routine was funny and adorable and as Carrie Ann aptly pointed out, Kim and Sasha are brilliant together. They have been always on the top in most of the weeks and they were one of the best performers once again.

Wanya Morris and dance partner Lindsay Arnold danced to the National Anthem 96’ Olympic Ceremonies and they even ended up getting a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. They were told that Morris had lost his posture on a lot of occasion, but then they also had fluidity in their movement and ended up with 24 points.

Jodie Sweetin from Full House did an emotional routine along with her partner Keo Motsope. She danced to Rise Up to celebrate her sobriety. Bruno and Carrie Ann were both in praise of the routine. While Bruno said that it was Jodie’s best performance on the show, Carrie Ann said that it was very inspiring and thanked her for sharing her story with everyone.

Von Miller joined Whitney Carson for a contemporary routine on In the Air Tonight. For him, the most memorable year was 2016 when his team went on to win the Super Bowl.

While Len and Bruno were all praise for the footballer. They said that he had given his 100% for the performance and that his lift were brave. However, Carrie Ann didn’t feel that he had given his all.

These were the brilliant routines from the Dancing with the Stars. There is another contestant who is winning hearts and that is Nyle DiMarco, who has previously been the winner of America’s Next Top Model. He has been paired with Peta Murgatroyd and they have been receiving rave reviews with their performances.