Stars Perform To Celebrate Their Memorable Year In Dancing With The Stars, Jodie Sweetin Gives Her Best Performance!

The pair danced to Owl City’s Verge to celebrate year 2012 that was memorable in Nyle DiMarco’s life since he had traveled around the world. The pair wowed the audience and the judges and managed the highest score of 25/30 for the night.

While travelling the world might not be such an important moment in a person’s life, it gets an entirely different perspective when one realizes that Nyle is deaf and he had decided to make this trip completely on his own, without any interpreter to help him out.

After the completion of the most emotional episode seen in this season of Dancing with the Stars, there were three contestants who figured in the bottom three – Antonio Brown, Kim Fields and Mischa Barton. Mischa Barton hadn’t been having a great run in Dancing with the Stars. She was asked to do the samba in the Most Memorable Year segment and this didn’t appeal to the audience.

She seemed to have had a lot of fun and the judges felt that had done better than the previous episodes, but given the exceptional performances by the other dancers, the actress didn’t have a chance and in the end she was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

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