The Walking Dead Season 6: Norman Reeder Denies Rumour Of Dixon’s Death, New Characters Introduced, And More Details

Fans feel rather disheartened with the news that sooner or later The Walking Dead Season 6 could see the death of much loved character Norman Reedus. Fans have gone ahead to threaten the show that they would boycott the series if the story had Norman Reedus killed. Norman Reedus plays the character of Daryl Dixon in the series.

Rumours were reported saying that Norman Reedus went ahead and sold his home in Atlanta which could be a sign that he is gearing up to move away as his character faces the threat of being dead in the upcoming season.

It came as a relief for Daryl Dixon fans when he went ahead to clear rumours about the sale of house. Reedus said that the house did not even belong to him and hence there was no talks over the house being sold. He also went ahead to crack a joke that said he would love to have a house worth $585,000, but unfortunately it did not belong to him.

When Norman was asked about his opinion regarding his fate in The Walking Dead Season 6, he said that he would like to live and not go out of the series as it is fun and exciting. He went on to say that he would like his character to be alive and serve the series in the little ways that he does.

The Walking Dead will be back with Season 6 in October this year and the fans will be introduced to two new characters– Delvin and Tucker. Delvin, the cynic, is an African-American who is in his 20s, while Tucker, the hardworking guy, values fairness.

It is yet to be understood where the news characters fit in the story, but possible assumptions are that they could be either Alexandria’s resident or two of the survivors from the new group. Official news about the same is not out and the fans might have to wait until the show starts its production to know where the new characters exactly fit in.