The Best PlayStation 4 Games with the Recent Upcoming Addition of Just Cause 3, More Details Here

Around a year and a half into its lifecycle, PlayStation 4 is quite amazingly popular. The console sales are quite strong while Sony keeps introducing new system updates in order to bring in new features. Furthermore, the games are really great and promise amazing gameplays. Sony PlayStation 4 combines a mix of flashy, big-budget smashes and charming bite-sized wonders along with franchise favorites, fresh newcomers plus various last-generation games with wonderful facelifts.

If you are a PlayStation 4 owner, it’s a really good time for you to be enjoying some of the best titles developed for this console. Resuming the Dark Souls series’ gritty legacy, Bloodborne is a one of the most absolute favorite PS4 exclusives till date. It is an extremely challenging game with a level of difficulty that manages to attract you rather than push you away and gets you deeply involved with its brutal gameplay. You’ll need a great deal of tenacity and skill in order to progress far in this title. If you can deal with a high level of frustration while playing an extensive fantasy quest, you should get ready to be rewarded with intense satisfaction.

Meanwhile, EA Sports has established its dominance of digital footy with the help of FIFA 15. The game has added a great sense of weight and momentum to gameplay while providing a vastly improved AI, as is evident from the advanced goalkeepers. With the latest tweaks, FIFA 15 for PlayStation 4 features a rapid and exciting gameplay. It’s safe to say that the king of virtual football games is safe in its throne, for another year.

The Last of Us Remastered is one of the complete best games of the last generation which has been enhanced to a great extent on the PS4 console. The latest improvements include enhanced graphics, faster frame rate along with tons of exclusive content. The gripping tale of a man’s journey across a mutant-infested United States with his child companion delivers a traumatic quest interposed with intense action sequences. Keep in mind that it’s a lot more than just an action game. The story is filled with incredible emotion and establishes deep connection with the in-game characters. The game is really a complete package.