The Best PlayStation 4 Games with the Recent Upcoming Addition of Just Cause 3, More Details Here

In the meantime, if you are a PS4 gamer, alive and kicking in 2015, you should definitely get your hands on Far Cry 4, Ubisoft’s latest foray into The Himalayas which plunges you into the middle of a protracted Civil War. Pagan Min makes for a formidable and memorable antagonist but similar to previous games in the Far Cry franchise, the game primarily features the endless distractions of its picture-postcard setting. Kyrat’s mountains and plains are filled with life, sadly, most of them hostile.

Even the birds are predators! If you get too bored with the main campaign, there are innumerable side quests challenges and side-quests to freshen things up for you. Meanwhile, the world of Shangri-La is a fresh new addition in this title and promises an amazing experience to the gamer.

In the meantime, things got just more exciting as Avalanche Studios recently released gameplay footage of Just Cause 3 being played on the PlayStation 4. According to Christofer Sundberg, Founder and Creative Director of Avalanche Studios, the developers are making a game that continuously encourages exploration and challenges players, “not to break the game, but explore the game”.