Mad Men Season 7: SC&P Faces A Takeover, What’s In Store Don? More Details Here

Mad Men Season 7 has been a riveting watch so far. By the looks of it, Matthew Weiner has completely given the audience something that they could never expect and this was a pleasant surprise for the viewers.

There was a lot of anticipation that Don Draper (Jon Hamm) will take a drastic step and end all his problems by taking the easy way out and jumping out of his office building, but by the look of it, fans are not going to be seeing that and no one’s complaining.

No, Don Drapper is not going to head for the Kleenex box and tell his team how much he treasures them, but he is surely going to learnt to cherish his team. The 11th episode, titled “Time and Life” brought in the shocking news that SC&P will have to vacate their office and move out of the Time-Life Building.

The buck doesn’t just stop here. Don along with Roger (John Slattery), Pete (Vincent Kartheiser), Ted (Kevin Rahm) and Joan (Christina Hendricks) will have to come to terms with the news that their company is bien absorbed by McCann Erickson!

The episode, was one of the best the series has ever seen. Unlike the earlier episodes in Mad Men Season 7, where the plot seemed to divert attention from the main actors, this one focused solely on the core group of the five partners at SC&P and showed their journey.

Yes, the five partners have had their share of problems and troubles, but they always come together and in spite of all odds have mutual respect and benevolence. After all the crisis and differences, the group came together as one and faced a trouble that loomed large over their heads.

Episode 11 of Mad Men Season 7 was special because it was directed by Jared Harris, who played the role of Lane Pryce, the British partner at the firm who had committed suicide in Mad Men Season 5.