Mad Men Season 7: SC&P Faces A Takeover, What’s In Store Don? More Details Here

Don does everything he can to make sure that they can save their company, He tries to pitch in an idea and the viewers almost believe that Don will win with his brilliant oratory skill, but then we realise that McCann-Erickson’s boss Jim Hobart is making a pitch of his own. He is not going to let go of the five brilliant creative heads of SC&P, he will offer them the best jobs at the agency, where they will work with brands like CocaCola!

Yes, the core characters are having a tough time at work, but they seem to have sorted their personal life; all except Don and Peggy. Don did find out that Diana had called up his messaging service, but had not left any message. When he goes to visit her, he realises that she has moved away and has left no new address.

Is this the end to Don or does he get up and fight? Is this all there is for Don or does he continue walking the dark path and finally find what he is looking for and is as Roger says. “OK”?

To find this out, fans will have to tune in to the next episode. Until then, keep visiting this page for more news about Mad Men Season 7.