Frozen 2: Director Chris Buck Apprehensive About The Expectation, Kristen Bell Not Confirmed, And More News

Frozen was a smashing success and fans were waiting patiently for Disney to announce the sequel and it did happen soon enough. Disney announced Frozen 2 after there were a lot of rumours and speculations.

Fans are eager for Frozen 2 to roll out. Even before the official announcement was made, fans were already deciding on how the story will pan out. While this kind of attention and craze is an added boost for a studio to start on a new idea, it can start to become a huge burden.

The team at Disney has huge shoes to fill and they have to make sure that they match the lofty expectations the fans have from Frozen 2. In such a situation, it is not surprising to hear that Chris Buck, the director of Frozen, who was on board for Frozen 2 as well is scared of the expectation and the attention that the fans of the franchise have placed on him.

He is apprehensive that he will not be able to live up to the expectations and rumour has it that he is even having second thoughts about being on board for Frozen 2. This has got fans and well wishers worried because they know that Frozen couldn’t have become this successful without Buck’s touch and they do not want Frozen 2 to lose out on his brilliance.

Disney has not come out with any announcements after saying that Frozen 2 is on the cards. Fans are not even aware if the original plot is being carried forward pr whether there will be new casts in the sequel. Fans were sure that Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel who lent their voices to the two princesses will be there are not very sure anymore.

There are reports claiming that idina Menzel is going to be a part of Frozen 2, but nothing is known yet about Kristen Bell. Fans are not very happy about this because this indicates that there is a shift from the original plot. The charm of Frozen was in the chemistry between Elsa and Anna and fans are hoping that Disney realises this soon enough.