Frozen 2: Director Chris Buck Apprehensive About The Expectation, Kristen Bell Not Confirmed, And More News

The first time that news of Frozen 2 was out, Kristen Bell had shared an adorable photo of herself with her eyes closed, lying on ice and by the look of it, it seems that she is going to be on news. There just hasn’t been any official news about the casting and these are mere speculations among the movie fans.

The fans of Frozen have immense faith on Disney and they do not think that the studio will not listen to the fans. The studio has always been careful while dealing with sequels and yes, they have taken drastic steps in the plots to make the story progress.

With Frozen 2, Disney has a ready plot point and a brand that has created such a huge buzz. They just need to steer the plot in a manner that catches the attention of the fans and meets to their expectations.

Disney has always been good when it comes to handling sequels and it is about time to wait and see if frozen 2 can solidify their treatment of sequels.