The Vikings Season 4: Ragnar Likely to be Killed, Bjorn to Play a Major Role, Time Jump is a Possibility, And More Details

Showrunner Michael Hirst had already made it very clear that there is going to be a time jump in The Vikings Season 4.

The photo that Ludwig shared of him in the costume for Bjorn showed him donning grey beard. This image has created a buzz about the time jump that is expected to come up in The Vikings Season 4.

Bjorn was a young man in The Viking Season 3, and if he ends up having a grey beard in The Vikings Season 4 then it indicates that there is a huge jump with regard to the time frame for the series.

Apart from the new look that Ludwig shared, Zap2it has shared that Rollo will have a son. Rollo will name him Ragnar, after his father and the son upon growing up will start resembling the man in all his traits and will also end up looking like him with a bald head and grey beard.

There are no reports about when the time jump will happen in The Vikings Season 4. The upcoming season is sure to be a great watch. Leave your comment and share your opinion on The Vikings Season 4.