The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Is Coming Soon On 8th December, Latest Patch Brings Some Interesting Offerings!

The release date for The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack might have been pushed back but it is probably all for the greater good. According to Electronic Arts, the reason behind the delayed release date and fans are really excited about what is in store for them, during this December.

The official Sims 4 website has revealed that the developers are trying to make this expansion as awesome as possible. Therefore, this is something that should cheer up the patient fans of this franchise. EA revealed that they are taking the time to add more and depth into the core of the upcoming Get Together Expansion for The Sims 4.

They are working on some new features and items that will be loved by the fans of this franchise. With The Sims 4 Get Together expansion, there is a lot of extra attention being paid to the Clubs and they are important in creating new social experiences.

According to the description, the developers felt that the Sims needed a special place to hang out on their own. For example, at the Local Café, the Upper Crusts should have a private room and an exclusive Discotheque should be available for the Spin Masters where they can further practice out their dance moves.

According to Tech Times, Get Together for The Sims 4 will bring some major club improvements and besides that, there is a whole new world out there for gamers, once it arrives in December. A new European-inspired world is one of the biggest features of the Get Together expansion.

The world is called Windenburg and this is something that Sims would love to explore. Windenburg will feel like a unique destination by itself but at the same time, it has many different flavors of Europe.

The Sims 4 die-hard fans are greatly awaiting the release of the Get Together expansion and with the latest update; there are two new activities which have been deemed perfect for social Sims.

They are club events and party activities. In a game patch, the ‘repair man’ service for Sims 4 was introduced. Meanwhile, DJ and Dancing Skills are the two new awesome skills to be included to be released with the ‘Get Together’ expansion.

These two skills come with critical abilities designed for some of the new clubs in the Get Together expansion. This specifically includes the Spin Masters Group. For example, a party can be significantly pumped up by a Sim with a high DJ skill and he/she can further entice other Sims to dance to his beat.

There are also special abilities which can be utilized by Expert DJ Sims like ‘Feel the Crowd’. It is responsible for controlling the emotions in the room. The next ability is ‘Teleposion’ through which Sims will be able to control the TV sets in a room which leads to an ultimate party experience. Gamers who enjoyed the dance moves of their Sims will be further delighted when the Get Together expansion introduces the new Dancing Skill for Sims.

Similar to the DJs, Expert Dancers will able to do cooler moves along with other impressive feats. During Bonfire Parties, the Sims with Dancing Skills will be able to do a Fire Dance. In The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion, a new object will enable the Sims to engage in a Dance Battle.

In a cool Group Dance, they will be able to show off the dancing skills of the Spin Master Club Members. Meanwhile, in honor of Movember, a new promotional image was released through EA’s Twitter Account. The Sim Community revealed that this image was designed to celebrate ‘No Shave November’.