Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Graced the Cover of Vanity Fair Italia, Talks About Fighting Like Any Other Couple, wants to Grow Old Together!

The power couple of Hollywood is in the news once again. The gorgeous looking Angelina Jolie and the very talented and suave Brad Pitt recently graced the cover of the Italian edition of Vanity Fair.

There were a lot of rumors about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were heading to splitsville, however, that news turned out to be exactly what it was, a rumor! The two of them are going stronger than ever and there is no question of them separating.

In the recent film, By the Sea, the two of them play an estranged couple who are trying to sort out their problem while being stuck in a hotel room along the beautiful French coast.

Set in the 1970s the film is beautiful when it comes to the cinematography and the aesthetics, but it was monotonous and dull when it came to the plot and the story line.

There were a lot of buzz surrounding By the Sea since it was written and directed by Angelina Jolie herself. She directed Brad Pitt in the film. Given the complex nuances and the time period it was dealing with, there were a lot of expectations from the film, but then all of it fell flat in reality when it did not work out in the theatre.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had met for the first time on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith where they fell in love. Brad Pitt broke up with then wife Jennifer Aniston and moved on with Angelina Jolie. They adopted babies and had kids of their own and even got betrothed to each other after being forced to by their children.

By the Sea was a special experience for them since it brought the two of them together for the first time since they had started dating and they had come such a long way since then.

While talking about her experience, Angelina Jolie told The Telegraph that the experience of working in a film together with Brad Pitt was very different since the last time.

When they had first met on the sets of Mr. & Mrs. Smith they were young and didn’t know each other at all. They had felt that the experience would be the same.

However, they were in for a shock since they have changed so much since 2005. They are far more open with each other and this caused them to make a pact to speak out honestly if there were some problems in each other’s working.

Angelina Jolie used her married name for the first time in the film credits. This showed how comfortable in her life with Brad Pitt. She had used the name Jolie Pitt and according to Oregon Live, By the Sea was very close to her heart because of her hard struggle after undergoing mastectomy.

Angelina Jolie had been very public about her decision to undergo mastectomy and remove her ovaries since she had the genes of a rare form cancer that had taken her mother’s life.

She had been public about giving up the vital organs that made her a woman because she made a conscious choice to continue living with her loved ones instead of succumbing to the disease.

Brad Pitt had stood by his wife like a pillar in the difficult times. He had gone out in the public to say how beautiful his wife was. The gestures that Brad Pitt made at those difficult times and the way he extended his love and support to Angelina Jolie showed to the world the kind of mutual respect and love the two of them shared.

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