The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Is Coming Soon On 8th December, Latest Patch Brings Some Interesting Offerings!

It comes with a brand new beard that will be seen in the upcoming Get Together expansion. The latest patch has added several additional items along with the new repair man. All these new items and features being released by EA are certainly making sure that players keep getting more interested and involved with the title.

There are still a few days left before the world of Windenburg makes its entry and till then, Sims players should be able to enjoy quite a few things.

In other news, the jealousy trait was added to the game with a new patch. With the other new traits, when you are hanging around the game with your significant other, it will buff up your Confidence trait but after a long absence from a partner, a Sim will get pretty tense.

A Sim which has the Jealous trait gets jealous easier compared to a Sim that doesn’t have it. At the same time, with the current Sims patch, cheating on your partner will no longer be an easy thing to accomplish. Some Sims can even start a fight if they find their partner kissing another Sim.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims 4!