The Vikings Season 4: Ragnar Likely to be Killed, Bjorn to Play a Major Role, Time Jump is a Possibility, And More Details

Even before The Vikings Season 4 could return, rumor about Ragnar Lothbrok being killed is circulating. This news came out when Travis Fimmel spoke about pursuing his career in films. Fimmel has already got his big break in Hollywood with the film Witchcraft and he has decided to focus on that arena and quit from The Vikings.

This decision of his has caused the creators of The Vikings to think of a storyline without Ragnar, the King of Denmark. Michael Hirst, who is the creator of The Vikings Season 4, has said that history already talks about Ragnar’s death and, therefore, they are prepared for a plot where Ragnar will not be present.

Hirst also joked that most of Ragnar’s sons are of age and with some good looking actors playing those roles, he is more than sure that the viewers will not have a very difficult time adjusting to The Vikings without Travis Fimmel in it.

The Vikings Season 4 will see Ragnar and his men returning after the successful siege of Paris. Ragnar was successful, but he has been badly injured and there are chances that he might succumb to his wounds.

Ragnar in this season will also be removed from the throne by his own people to make way for his eldest son Bjorn Ironside.

Bjorn is his first born and the rightful heir to the throne. Bjorn, played by Alexander Ludwig will be seen taking up a more prominent role in The Vikings Season 4.

He will be shown to be popular with the people, but there’s going to be one person who will oppose his claim to the throne. That would be his brother Ivor. Ivor isn’t ready to accept Bjorn as the king and will fight him to win the throne.

Bjorn not only has to fight his younger brother to prove that he is worthy of the throne of Denmark, he also has to seek revenge from Rollo (Clive Standen) for the way he had humiliated his father in Paris.

Rollo teams up with King Charles (Lothaire Bluteau) and continues to stay behind in France after deciding to marry Charles’ daughter.

Alexander Ludwig while talking about his character Bjorn states that Bjorn is someone who is seldom seen to step aside from a decision he has made. He had decided to seek revenge for the wrong done to his father Ragnar by Rollo and the latter should be really worried about what is to come for him soon enough.

Rollo will ultimately realize that the decision he had taken wasn’t a right one. He had always been under the shadows of his elder brother, Ragnar and for once when life gave him the opportunity to step out of that shadow, he decided to take it.

However, it is only a matter of time when he realizes that being stuck in a foreign country where he doesn’t know the language isn’t a very smart move.

The Vikings Season 4 might see Ragnar dying, but then it will also deal with a new love of his. Ragnar will bring home a slave girl from Paris, named Yidu (Dianne Doan).

Yidu was captured from the Red Sea and her mannerism and looks attract Ragnar. Ragnar has previously had a string of romances and has three wives. There is a possibility that he might romance Yidu and even marry her in the upcoming season.

These are some of the regular pieces of information that the fans of The Vikings keep getting. However, it looks like something big about the upcoming Season 4 has been leaked by a photo that Alexander Ludwig shared recently.