The Vampire Diaries Season 7: Damon Fights His Emotions, Stefan Has Pressing Issues at Hand, Bonnie Finds the Huntress, And More

Valerie realizes that the twins growing inside Caroline are siphons and they are deriving their strength by robbing Caroline off hers. Valerie asks Caroline to wear a talisman so that the twins can siphon off it instead of the poor girl.

The Huntress is sure to make things difficult for the vampires. Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Nora are already trying to use their locator spell to make sure that the they can trace the Huntress and her whereabouts before she can make things difficult for her vampire friends.

While on the search for Huntress, Nora realizes that Mary Louise has managed to get one of the notes from Huntress as well. The ex-lovers decide to put aside their mutual differences and look for the common enemy.

Bonnie and Nora find the Huntress, but upon enquiry they realize it is not the same person they are looking. However, when Nora and Mary Louise leave, the Huntress reveals herself to Bonnie and almost chokes the witch, but is interrupted by Enzo (Michael Malarkey).

Enzo feels that burning the Huntress would solve their problem, but as it turns out she resurrects from the fire, stronger and younger and intent on finding Stefan.

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