The Vampire Diaries Season 7: Damon Fights His Emotions, Stefan Has Pressing Issues at Hand, Bonnie Finds the Huntress, And More

The Vampires Diaries Season 7 is a treat for the fans of Ian Somerhalder because it is all about the younger Salvatore brother. The season had begun with the hope that Elena Gilbert will be returning by the end of the season, however, that wouldn’t happen anytime soon since Damon torches the love of his life while she is in slumber.

Damon Salvatore wasn’t unable to control his trauma from the civil war and he did what he regretted later. Nina Dobrev had left the show in the last season of The Vampire Diaries Season 7 and, therefore, fans knew that her character Elena isn’t going to be back for the current season. It is; however, right to say that some viewers did hope that she might be back since there was a huge possibility of it.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 episode 12 saw Damon confessing to Stefan about his action. He was overcome with remorse about his actions and he couldn’t help, but confess it to his older brother. This news was a bit of a shock for Stefan since he had harbored some thought of seeing Elena again and that ends for good.

The seventh season of The Vampire Diaries will focus on Damon and his out of control emotions. He is in a very tight spot since he doesn’t know how to react to his surroundings.

There is a moment when he simply stands in the middle of the road and when a passer-by stops to ask him if he is doing ok, Damon says that he doesn’t know what to do since he doesn’t know what will make him feel better.

For a moment, the viewers feel sorry for Damon, but then they gasp when Damon ends up eating the friendly passersby. Before the viewers can get over this moment, Damon heads to the local bar where he meets Julian (Todd Lasance).

When Julian meets the unhinged Damon he realizes that Damon has lost his tether. Julian embraces Damon into his deadly gang and Damon finds a good outlet for his destructive self.

Julian has never been a character that could be banked on and he ultimately convinces Damon to let him rip his heart out and put an end to his misery. Things would have ended if Stefan (Paul Wesley) hadn’t turned up with Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmoore) to save the emotionally lost Damon.

Stefan upon saving Damon realizes what’s wrong with Damon and flips out when he hears about how he had torched Elena. He is shocked and beats up Damon and then goes away leaving him behind. In order to protect them after the murder of Julian, Valerie cloaks him so that his gang can’t find him and leaves.

Julian on his part doesn’t have a good situation at hand. He might be luring the locals at Mystic Falls to their death, but the party ends when Valerie hands over a note with a red x on it to Julian. The note is very similar to the one that Nora (Scarlett Byrne) had received from the Huntress.

On the other hand, poor Candice is struggling with her pregnancy. She is supernaturally pregnant with Jo and Aleric’s twins and the babies are draining her of her magic and are sucking her blood, making her weaker with every passing moment. Candice feels like the babies are killing from inside and Stefan and Valerie try to use magic to ease her problems.

The pain is excruciating and she passes out from it. She immediately rushes to the hospital where her hand starts to die out.