Lucifer: The Reasons Why Fans Love the Ladies in the Series, Spoilers for Lucifer Season 1 Episode 4, And More

Lucifer is definitely the titular star of his show but he is not the only reason that we have fallen in love with the devilish new drama from Fox. Tom Ellis’ Lucifer is really magical and there is a reason why he has been receiving so much praise for him being the Lord of Hell.

There are many reasons why people have fallen in love with most of the characters of Lucifer, especially the women. In spite of assumptions to the contrary, the ladies in Lucifer are not all oblivious. They don’t take any sauce from anyone either.

There are some who never know when to quit. In some cases, the only solution is a practical demonstration when faced with a not-quite-viable threat. You cannot expect to leave the clash unscathed when you run your mouth in front of a lilin. The women are aware of how to subvert societal expectations in order to achieve their goal.

Chloe, for instance does a great job of playing along with Lucifer. Lucifer is used to everyone bending over his will and this is a bit of a problem. The fans love Chloe all the more for using it as an advantage.

Mazikeen knows Lucifer quite intimately and the latter being the Lord of Hell, she should have been more respectful or fearful of him, or that’s what you would expect! However, in reality, Maze refuses to back down especially when she knows all the right buttons that can be pressed in order to get to Lucifer.

Meanwhile, Lucifer might think that he knows himself better than anyone else; Linda Martin has the ability to cut to the chase far more skillfully than he gives her credit for. Of course, she is quite susceptible to his advances and remains completely unashamed at that desire. Lucifer may or not believe it, but that’s how it’s been working.

The ladies are unflinchingly loyal to Lucifer. Mazikeen still followed Lucifer from Hell even though she has her own reservations about being on Earth and Lucifer’s sudden fascinations with a single girl.

Chloe is aware that Lucifer is a good man with a good heart, disregarding the fact whether he deserves to believe it or not. She honestly believes that there is more to Lucifer than he covers up with violent fury while living to excess and damning the consequences.

Meanwhile, Lucifer has to get over the infatuation but for that he needs to seduce Chloe. However, this is not at all an easy job for the Devil himself. The Lucifer Season 1, Episode 4 promo is out and it shows that Lucifer is falling for Chloe.

Keep in mind that there will be spoilers below, so proceed at your own discretion. In the promo video, Amenadiel says that that something has fundamentally changed in Lucifer Morningstar. At the same time, Lucifer wonders what’s wrong with him.

According to Mazikeen however, this is simply a phase and it will pass over soon enough. Amenadiel believes that Mazikeen is simply lying to herself.

In the meantime, Linda Martin advises Lucifer to take his power back and behave like he always has. Chloe finds out about Lucifer as he tells her that he is the Devil. She ends up shooting him in the leg. It will definitely be interesting to see how Lucifer manages to seduce Chloe.

The promo’s theme suggests that Chloe will get to witness a sexy show thanks to Lucifer. ‘The Devil wears Nada’ is the theme and we shall see Lucifer wearing nothing while Chloe asks him to cover himself up.