Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege: Update 2.0 Brings A Number of Glitches to The Game, Operation Black Ice DLC Released, And More

Just in the recent past, Ubisoft rolled out a brand new patch for its game, Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege. The new patch which is being called Update 2.0 and instead of fixing existing bugs and errors in the game, it introduces even more glitches.

A number of players are reporting about some major issues that the update has brought with itself. Apparently, after the application of the update, the melee attack with the knife has become ineffective.

When a player is being attacked with a knife by the opponent, it deals no damage to him and his health percentage remains the same.

Players are reporting about another issue which has been dubbed as Shadowman issue. In this glitch, the player is transformed into a black silhouette. This black silhouette has been named Black Jesus by players. When in such a silhouette form, the real position of the player gets hidden.

There is also some issue with headshots as players complained that sometimes the headshots are not registering. Players also stated that they were occasionally getting headshot bonuses even without recording a kill.

There were also reports regarding an issue with the mines after the update. The glitch involves Kapkan, a Defending operator. Apparently the glitch is causing the laser of his trip-mine to become invisible.

Ubisoft has come forward with an announcement which stated that they are aware that the latest patch has brought in a set of issues to the game.

It further added that the developers are currently looking into the matter and will soon come forward with some sort of solution. It stated that the developers would release another patch by mid-February which would fix most of the issues brought in by Update 2.0.

While Ubisoft has managed to pacify a percentage of fans with the announcement, some fans still fear that the game might continue to suffer from these issues in the future.

Fans also reported about some changes that the update brought to the game. Some of these changes include-

  • Tweaks to the ACOG.
  • Faster swinging of the sledgehammer.
  • Increase in the maximum range of ping.
  • Significant reduction in renown for Terrorist Hunt.
  • Wooden barricades and Caste barricades can now be shot out by Glaz. However, players report that the Glaz’s ability to shoot out Caste barricades might be the result of a glitch.
  • The lethality of headshots has been reduced significantly
  • Weapon skins are now visible in full-screen mode in the shop. Previously they could only be viewed in the operator loadout screen.
  • Front sight posts have now become visible on all the different types of scopes.
  • Drones are now not always destroyed by exposure to bandit shock wires.

The first major DLC for Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege has just been released by Ubisoft. This DLC has been named Operation Black Ice.

It brings forth various new aspects to the game that include new operators, a new map, and new weapon skins. A new feature called spectator camera will also be incorporated into the game through the update.

The new operators that the expansion pack brings are actually Canadian JTF operators. They are Frost and Buck. Frost is a defender while Buck is an attacker. Both of them come equipped with their own unique set of weapons and other items which can be used by players to take down enemies.

Buck wields a weapon which looks like a crossover between a shotgun and a rifle. This weapon is devastating at a short-range making Buck ideal for close-combat encounters. Frost is equipped with a leg-trap which can trap enemies leaving them in excruciating pain.

The new map that the update brings is actually a luxury yacht. Apparently, it has crashed in the Arctic region and an unidentified submarine is seen docking beside the yacht. The Rainbow is tasked with investigating the matter and securing the yacht.