Lucifer: The Reasons Why Fans Love the Ladies in the Series, Spoilers for Lucifer Season 1 Episode 4, And More

The question is, will Lucifer be successful in seducing Chloe? In the ’Manly Whatnots’ episode of Lucifer which airs on 15th February, 2016 Monday, the Devil-mortal duo can be seen involved in a missing girl case. Meanwhile, Amenadiel talks to Maze about his concerns regarding Lucifer.

The guest cast for the upcoming episode is as follows: Dawn Olivieri as Lt. Olivia Monroe, Chris Marquette as Carver Bruz, Bailey Noble as Lindsay Jolson, Kelly Blatz as Kevin, Darcey Johnson as George, David Attar as Sadsap, Sky Kao as Gyrating Dude, Kristen Comerford as Buxom, Guy Christie as Random Dude, Antonio Cayonne as Uni Cop and Jason Day as Security Guard.

In other news, Tom Ellis confessed that he didn’t need any sinful research before starting his role as Lucifer Morningstar. All he needed to know was in the script itself. He said, “This was a script that when I picked it up, I was like, ‘This is what I want to do.’ This is really fun. And it didn’t bother me that it was about the devil.

In fact, it didn’t land on me what that meant in terms of taking on as a role,” Ellis says. “I didn’t see it like that. I just saw it as a really fun character and a fun script that had loads of potential to carry on, basically.”

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