The Vampire Diaries Season 6: Stefan Tries to Break Caroline, Damon Rescues Lily!

Once in 1903, Damon lashes out at his mother for having left him, and Stefan with their father and Lily’s explanation doesn’t satisfy him. Lily agrees to help, saying that she had met Stefan after becoming undead, but she ran away having smelt his blood, thinking she wouldn’t be able to control her temptation.

Lily agrees to go, but she has “others” to look after. She has a few barely alive companions with whose help she could control her bloodlust. Lily tried to feed her catatonic vampire friends to bring them to life, but Damon stops her at the right time.

While Damon and Elena dealt with Lily, Bonnie had taken Kai to the woods. She had plans to kill him, but he escapes in the last minute. The three of them leave with Lily, leaving Kai back in 1903. Kai might not survive for long, for we see him heading to Lily’s attic where one of the vampires who had tasted a drop of blood before Damon could stop Lily from giving them blood, grabs Kai by the throat.

There are two cliffhangers for the fans in The Vampire Diaries Season 6. One where Bonnie hands over a gift to Damon- the spell to turn a vampire to human, which he wanted for Elena and the other where Enzo (Michael Malarkey) addresses Sarah (Tristin Mays) as a Salvatore.

Will Damon change Elena back? Why did Enzo call Sarah a Salvatore? For more updates watch this space!