Statistical Projection On ‘’The Winds of Winter’’ Release with Martin’s Decision to Stop Penning Scripts for Season 6!

Recently, a new statistical analysis emerged which projected the possibility of George R.R Martin completing his sixth book, ‘’The Winds of Winter’’ in his fantasy epic of ‘’A Song of Ice and Fire’’. Meanwhile, there have been a lot of speculations regarding when the sixth installment in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ will be released. The recent scientific projection provides details on the probable timeline for George R.R Martin’s next book.

In the meantime, BryndenBFish, guest feature writer for “GoT” community website Watchers on the Wall, released a qualitative assessment. It comes with graphs and tables detailing the American Writer’s progress and lays down a best and worst-case scenario on when the sixth installment will finally appear. Based on the information posted by Martin on his LiveJournal’s ‘’Not a Blog’’, BryndenBFish started with the beginning 100 pages which the former claimed to have finished by mid-2010.

The projection takes into account the book tours that were made by the author for ‘A Dance of Dragons’ and brings up 200 pages in total, completed  by 2012. Martin sent 168 manuscript pages to his editor by February 2013 and announced that he was ‘‘a quarter of the way done’’ with the book while viewers witnessed the season 3 premieres of Game of Thrones. By March 2013, the projection went up to 375 pages.

Considering the author’s not-so-subtle glacial progress with ‘’The Winds of Winter’’, BryndenBFish claims that the George R.R Martin is writing 17 new pages a month, which equals around 204 pages in a year. Considering all the parameters, he predicts that readers should expect a highly disappointing mid-2019 publication date. However, if Martin gets things up to speed, we could be expecting late 2016-early 2017 publication date but sadly no earlier than that.

Recently, George R.R Martin spoke with Zap2It and revealed that he currently faces two different kinds of pressure to get ‘’The Winds of Winter’’ published as soon as possible before the TV series comes to surpass his book! He said that on one end, there’s a constant pressure of getting the books done. He knows how much his fans wish to read the next book, same as the editors and publishers.