Lady Gaga Goes For a Shopping Spree in New Orleans While Posting Smug Yoga Selfies

Last week, Lady Gaga was in New Orleans in order to attend the wedding of her best friend. While she was in the city, this ‘Poker Face’ did a lot of shopping while she gets ready to celebrate her birthday on 28th March. Lady Gaga, who is world-famous for her bizarre sense of style decided to wear a T-shirt without a bra, for this occasion. However, according to Mirror Times UK, she might’ve forgotten to wear her pants.

She came out in Louisiana braless, wearing a gray T-shirt with the inscribed words, ‘’I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle’’ in black bold letters. In the meantime, Gaga paired her ensemble with pink pointed-toe heels along with a white and black handbag. Her hair was raven hued with blond edges and a nice fringe on her forehead, which was tied in a bow using a gray colored ribbon. This chart-busting singer dressed up in a simple floor length purple dress. It featured a strapless dress with a matching scarf, tied like a bow around her neck.

She kept her make-up understated while the blonde silver locks were loose and center-parted while flowing down her shoulders. She also carried out duties for her childhood friend’s marriage in the form of a bridesmaid. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga posted several photos of her wedding on her Instagram page. On 19th March, she was spotted with her friends, wearing a black dress.  Meanwhile, later in the day, she presented a classic picture, adorned in a gray dress along with a pearl necklace. Her blond hair was paired up in a side-part with a black and matched with cat-eye style glares. The girls seemingly had a brunch date.

She also posted a photo of her feet up on the car’s dashboard while a hand held a clutch, which flashed the engagement ring. Lady Gaga captioned a photograph before the marriage, “Watching your best friend get married, these are the specialist times in my life. Seeing happiness in the lives of all my friends’’.