Lady Gaga Goes For a Shopping Spree in New Orleans While Posting Smug Yoga Selfies

Lady Gaga, the 29-year-old singer, got engaged to her long-time suitor, Taylor Kinney while they were enjoying a vacation on Valentine’s Day. Her ring is a 25-karat solitaire featuring a heart-shaped bauble, designed by Lorraine Schwartz. The actor of ‘Chicago Fire’ had the ring custom designed for his lady love. It shows a ‘’T (heart) S’’ in white diamonds featured in the band.

It always exciting to see celebrities, models and actresses posting pictures on their Instagram feed, featuring incredible destinations or food they are having. Things get hotter when they dress up in a bikini and throw sexy poses on a private beach. Meanwhile, the latest fad includes celebrities all over the world snapping yoga photos, and it has been popularly dubbed, ‘smug yoga selfies’.

They could be in a pool or a private beach or a luxury yacht; these celebrities sure know how to show off in style. Jessica Michibata started a new couples’ yoga trend with her boyfriend. Beyoncé was away for her 33rd birthday, spending some quality holiday time, south of France, but made time for her daily stretch. Meanwhile, fellow singer, Lady Gaga, took the yoga snap to a greater degree with her water selfie. While balanced on a surfboard, she bent her legs over her head while resting her calves and feet on the board for support.

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