Conflict between Our Heroes in Batman V Superman, Jesse Eisenberg’s New Look as Lex Luthor Revealed!

Batman V Superman is still a year away, but fans are quite excited regarding the plot expectations and characters to be showcased. The plot has been kept so carefully under wraps that people are resorting to rumors and speculations. Some critics believe that it could turn out to be the real-life version of the animated film; however, Zack Snyder may not necessarily follow that strategy.

Firstly, the main question is how the heroes would engage in battle. Will we see Superman hunting down Batman or will it be the other way around. Presently, there are rumors that suggest both these angles. Some rumors suggest that it will be Superman who hunts down The Dark Knight. Lex Luthor will provide the answer to that. Good luck asking him!

They are arch enemies, but it seems like Luthor will have a hand in fooling Superman into going to Gotham and searching for Batman. The reason for doing this is because Batman has been seen as something of a menace rather than a proper hero. Since Superman is the superhero, he wishes to prove that Batman is on his side and to fight for justice, the same way he does.

Another plot suggests that Batman is searching for the Man of Steel in order to pay for the damage he caused in Metropolis. It is possibly in reference to the previous Superman: Man of Steel story but it seems a bit weird as to how Batman got involved in all of this.

What isn’t new for Batman fans worldwide is Lex Luthor being the sole instigator! Fans are waiting to watch Luthor’s introduction in the movie due to him being the evil genius and excellent manipulator and all. Meanwhile, if Batman V Superman does pick up from the Man of Steel Movie, Luthor wasn’t seen there at all. The animated series featured a rivalry between Superman and Luthor, which does make sense.