Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Re-United While Sun Royal Editor’s Life Torn to Pieces, More Details

Prince Harry and his old flame Chelsy Davy are enjoying an on-off relationship for a period of seven years from 2004-2011. When the couple split, there were rumors that Chelsy didn’t wish to be a part of the ‘Goldfish Bowl’ that came when you are linked with the English Prince. Recently, Chelsy had a breakup with boyfriend, Charles Goode, and she has remained friendly with Harry, ever since.

According to reports from the Belfast Telegraph, reconciliation could take place between the Zimbabwean-born 29-year-old beauty and Prince Harry. According to Irish Independent, a royal insider told Grazia magazine that Chelsy and Prince Harry are in daily contact as both have become single again.

Reports suggest that Harry and Chelsy are talking almost every day as they have always had an amazing chemistry. As a result, it’s no wonder that they have been drawn together. Since they have mutual friends, they are always at the same events, however before Christmas, there was something up with their meeting.

In their inner circle, there are jokes regarding Chelsy being Harry’s Camilla, similar to Camilla for his father since Chelsy is the only woman Prince Harry could never get over. For those of you who aren’t aware, Prince Charles was married to Camilla in 2005 and almost 75% opposed the possibility that Camilla would someday end up as the queen. A poll that was recently conducted shows that only 35% oppose the idea now. Many fans of ‘Princess Diana has now accepted Camilla as the ‘one true love’ of Prince Charles.

Last May, there was a split between Prince Harry and Cressida Jones, who many thought the former would marry. Ever since then, rumors predicted links with socialite Camilla Thurlow, German model Anastasia Gusev, and actress Emma Watson. A report from International Business Times suggests that Chelsy’s closeness with Prince Harry is the major reason behind her breakup with Charles Goode.