The Vampire Diaries Season 6: Stefan and Caroline Unleash Terror, And More Details

Bonnie tries to convince Kai to give her the ascendant to enter the 1903 prison world where Lily is trapped, and Kai is ready to give it to her under only one condition – Bonnie will accompany him. Bonnie has no option, but to agree. Damon, Elena, Bonnie and Kai set out to rescue Lily from the underworld and in the process help Caroline and Stefan out of their emotionless self.

Stefan is out taking revenge from Caroline for making him turn off his humanity. He has decided to go on a killing spree so that Caroline breaks her control and joins him in it. They get on a huge fight, and a college student gets in the middle and is almost killed. Stefan drinks on her blood and Caroline, unable to control her temptation any longer, joins him.

On reaching the 1903 world, Damon finds his mother and brings her back to rescue Stefan. Kai is left back in the 1903 world while Bonnie has a special gift for Damon that he has been looking for, for a long time.

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