Clash of Clans Reportedly Doubled Profits for Supercell and Major Changes Introduced With Latest Update, And More

The popular online game of Clash of Clans has received an update that allows players to have a deeper and longer involvement in the game. According to reports from TouchArcade, the update mainly affects those who have already reached the higher levels of this massively popular game.  The most influential update is the change that allows a player to level up the entire clan, rather than the individual.

Specialized classes like the wizards and barbarians are also included in it. Besides this, clan upgrades will also allow players to deploy more troops and get more loot with their invasions of enemy territory. With the new update, clans will be able to enjoy a higher level of customization. Earlier, the clans could edit their names but customization in the other fields is rather limited. With the new patch, an emblem editor has been provided which allows the users to create their own customizable and unique logos.

Meanwhile, Supercell announced that its apps, Hay Day, Boom Beach and Clash of Clans has helped to triple the sales for IOS and Android and at the same time double their core profits since last year. Recently, the Helsinki-based Finnish Mobile Manufacturer revealed their operating cost on Tuesday. It was calculated before interest, depreciation, tax and amortization. The operating cost increased from $266 million in 2013 to $564 million in 2014. Meanwhile, the revenue rose from $569 million to $1.694 billion.

Keep in mind that Supercell’s game is totally free for all of its players. However, the company earns money by selling virtual goods that enhance the game for Clash of Clans players. Ilkka Paananen, the chief executive of Supercell issued a statement that their goal is to make a game that keeps people involved for years and also added that it is quite difficult to come up with new engaging games. Reports suggest that Supercell has performed much better than other game developers like Finnish based Rovio and San Francisco-based Zynga.