LG G4 Will Not Feature a Metal Body While the Company Could Be Working On the Nexus 2015 Project!

With smartphone hardware getting more cutting-edge day by day, people are speculating regarding the next smartphone in the Nexus series. Present rumors indicate that after Nexus 5, LG could again build the Nexus 2015 device. People are wondering as to what sort of upgraded hardware and specs will be featured in this upcoming device. Meanwhile, the best clue regarding what the upcoming Nexus phone will look like; can be derived from the LG G4, which is the base model for the vanilla Android flagship.

Meanwhile, the final LG G4 is still a mystery and fans are now resorting to rumors, phone concepts, and leaked specs in order to piece together all the G4 details. Phone Arena offered an insight in the form of five unique renders which could describe the upcoming LG G4 flavors. The visualizations are probably not that of the upcoming LG G4, but they provide a window regarding what fans wish to see in the upcoming Android devices. Ultimately, if LG decides to take over the Google’s Nexus 2015 project, then quite a few of their ideas could be applied to this upcoming device.

Google is said to be working with LG Mobile for the release of its next Nexus device, codenamed the N000. According to a report by E Today (via GSMArena), Google Android engineers went to LG’s Display and R&D facilities located in Korea.  Google worked with LG on its Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 devices but went to Motorola for its current generation flagship smartphone, the Motorola Nexus 6.

First and foremost, the upcoming Nexus device might feature flexibility. Curved and bendable screen could become the norm for upcoming smartphones as Samsung has already showcased. It not only adds flexibility and durability to a device but also increases its sex appeal. According to analysts, the present Galaxy S6 Edge will prove this and other vendors will delightedly take the cue. Ivan Maric has envisioned the G4 with a metal and a premium build.