GoPro Hero 4 Discounts, Features, Compared to the Xiaomi Yi Camera!

GoPro action cameras have set the standard for adrenaline-junkies like surfers, skiers, skateboarders and everyone who wish to capture their wild moments and post it on the web. The GoPro Hero 4 raises the bar by implementing a 4K resolution support at 30fps or 1080p HD at 120fps. This results in the opportunity to create super slow-motion segments and both professional and amateur videographers want one. It supports a variety of mounts that can bolt on to the waterproof and rugged case.  You can go anywhere you like and shoot anything you want with the GoPro Hero 4.

However, it is recommended that you invest in a 64GB memory card and a spare battery, which are not included in its retail price. The device comes with Protune, which allows for ISO, color, sharpness and exposure settings. It also includes the Night Lapse and Night Photo feature in order to capture great low-light images.

In other news, Xiaomi has made a huge foray in the smartphone industry with its aggressively priced Mi Note and Mi Note Pro smartphones. Right now, the Chinese tech company has decided to penetrate another market currently dominated by GoPro, a U.S based company that makes action cameras. According to details that were posted in Engadget, Xiaomi is presently testing out the Yi Camera, the company’s first action camera. They have chosen a bizarre way to test out these cameras by strapping them on to cats for the purpose of fulfilling a marketing campaign.

The company is notorious for its aggressive marketing strategy and this time Xiaomi’s camera is going to carry a mere price tag of $64. Compared to that, the most basic product from GoPro presently retails at $130, which is twice as expensive as that of the Yi Camera. To cap it off, Xiaomi claims to be offering a better performance compared to the $130 priced product. The Yi Camera can record full high definition 1080p videos at 60 frames per second while GoPro’s offering can record 1080p videos at exactly half the frame rate. However, critics claim that Xiaomi won’t be able to deliver on its promise. In any case, time will be the judge here.